• Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Samuel Huntington Public Service Award

    What is the purpose of this Award? Will it help pay my college tuition?

    The award is intended to provide an opportunity for a graduating college senior to undertake a one-year public service project anywhere in the world immediately following graduation. The award is not intended to help individuals in need of financial assistance or college tuition.

    How many awards are granted each year?

    We guarantee one award each year but often have two or three winners.

    Are non-US citizens eligible to apply?

    Yes, however, you must be graduating from a U.S. college/university.

    I would like to apply with a friend – is that allowed?

    While we have no rule against a dual application, it is strongly encouraged that you apply on your own.

    Can the application deadline be by postmark?


    May I email all or a portion of my application?

    While we prefer to receive your application via US Mail, we will accept it via email to: amy.stacy@nationalgrid.com

    Can a portion of the award money be allocated toward travel and/or living expenses?

    Yes, however, your application will be viewed more favorably if a significant portion of the funds are devoted directly to your project.

    Can my recommendation letters or transcript arrive separately or be sent via email?

    Yes, as long as they arrive by the deadline to amy.stacy@nationalgrid.com

    May I apply after the deadline?

    No. The application review process begins immediately after the January deadline.

    I graduated several years ago. May I still apply?

    No. We accept applications from current graduating college seniors. If you plan to graduate just prior to the deadline (i.e. Sept – Dec 2020), you may apply in January 2021.

    What is the timetable for choosing semi-finalists, finalists, and winners?

    Semi-finalists (top ~20) are chosen by late February; finalists (top 6-8) are chosen by late March. Interviews are typically held by late-April and winners are chosen that day.

    If you have any other questions, please contact: amy.stacy@nationalgrid.com or (781) 907-3358